How to Organize a Cycling Team

When it comes to competitive sports like cycling, there’s a lot of training involved. And, there can be issues with recruitment, as well. Then, there’s advertising. Basically, what I’m driving at (get More »

Cycling Training Tips

Training for cyclists is one of the most brutal forms of strength training there is. Especially on the body. It is critical to know exactly what your doing when training or participating More »

Sports Entertainment

When it comes to sports entertainment in the UK, the country has a great deal to offer eager athletes. A range of weather and facilities enables individuals to enjoy sporting fun from More »

Types of Sports Equipment

Are you in to sports? Do need exercise equipment? Do you want to avoid injury when playing? If you are any of the above, then knowing the types of sports equipment will More »

Posture to Prevent Back Pain When Cycling

Cycling is an excellent alternative exercise to high impact exercising like running. Unfortunately like any other sport, cycling has its own set of drawbacks, and in this case it seems to be More »

Cycling Training Tips

Training for cyclists is one of the most brutal forms of strength training there is. Especially on the body. It is critical to know exactly what your doing when training or participating in this sport. Cycling is not only physical in nature. More than anything, it is psychological. When working your body out it is important to train your mind as well.

Making that extra push in your mind will help you make that extra push on the pedals.

When choosing a good cycling program you want to look for one that pushes you above an beyond what your currently working on. It is always important to strive for a more grueling and empowering work-out than one that keeps you at the same level that you are on. Repetition is good, but mastering your body and mind through cycling requires a certain caliber of commitment.

It is also important to try not to concentrate too much on what other bicyclists are doing. If you concentrate too much on what others are doing, you may not make the recipe of a great bicyclist. Everyone has

Bike Riding Shoes

While it’s true that you can ride your bike in any old pair of shoes, if you’re going to ride regularly – and I hope that you are! – it’s in your best interest to get a pair of bike riding shoes that were designed especially for the sport.

“Choosing the right cycling”

Choosing the perfect pair of biking shoes will help keep your feet comfortable even if you’re riding in a steep environment, and I’d like to help you select the best pair for your needs! If you’re wondering why you should purchase a pair, it’s because the proper cycling shoes are essential for your own safety and comfort as you embark on each biking journey.

Bike Riding Shoes vs. Athletic Shoes
Just as runners shouldn’t wear dress shoes or flip-flops while running a marathon, bikers should wear the proper shoes for their sport. Cycling shoes are typically designed with stiffer soles than normal athletic shoes – this is done in order to provide more efficient energy transfer while you are

Sport Cycling Heart Rate Monitor?

Have you been spending time looking for a deal on the Polar RS 300X sport cycling heart rate monitor? So have many others just like you, and by knowing where to look, they are finding those great deals.

I can show you where to find the deals so you won’t waste any more time searching, but I want to tell you first why cyclists love the Polar RS 300X, and why it’s the perfect model for any level cyclist, The history of cycling.

Whether you mountain bike or cycle the city streets, the RS 300X really performs. Mount it on your bike and it will track your estimated time of arrival, speed and distance. This will track your heart rate and will display your target and maximum heart rate. It will also track calorie expenditure per hour and by kilometer.

“Information about cycling”

In other words, it displays all the information you need to get a great workout and continue to improve and achieve your fitness goals.

OwnCode is a great feature to have while cycling. It blocks unwanted

How to Organize a Cycling Team

When it comes to competitive sports like cycling, there’s a lot of training involved. And, there can be issues with recruitment, as well. Then, there’s advertising. Basically, what I’m driving at (get it?) is that you’ll need a way to get the word out about or to your competitive cycling team for a number of reasons. Communication is key when organizing a group project of any kind, and a sporting event is no different. Here are a few ways you and your team can get a leg up on the competition.

First and foremost, consider hosting a website with a domain name from Namecheap. This is an inexpensive way to combine all of your needs in one neat little package. This can be a place to direct people to who are interested in your team, whether they want to join up or simply catch your next race, and it can also be a place for your team to post the whereabouts and times of training sessions. Maintaining a website is a great way to keep everyone on the same (web) page, so give it a shot.

Next, consider starting a group text on your cell

Sports Entertainment

When it comes to sports entertainment in the UK, the country has a great deal to offer eager athletes. A range of weather and facilities enables individuals to enjoy sporting fun from swimming to polo, while options like the gun range and archery facilities offer entertainment for athletes of a different kind.

Although the UK has a variety of sports entertainment available, that spans categories such as bowling, tennis, fishing, water sports, cycling, golf, martial arts, and horseback riding, the region is most commonly known for a couple of sports more unique to the UK. These include football (soccer), boxing nights and polo.

Among the most popular form of sports entertainment in the UK is football, or what the Americans refer to as soccer. From the beginning, UK International Soccer Camps give young kids an early start to one of the world’s greatest games. These camps are staffed by dedicated professional coaches who strive to inspire lives through their soccer curriculum. Child development is nurtured via a solid love of the game and a commitment to athleticism.

Those who dedicate themselves wholly to soccer stand a chance of someday playing the game professionally. The England

Types of Sports Equipment

Are you in to sports? Do need exercise equipment? Do you want to avoid injury when playing? If you are any of the above, then knowing the types of sports equipment will be necessary for you. Sports equipment is used for both sporting activities and even exercising.

This is because when you do sports, you are actually exercising your body as well. Sports equipments of varying classifications and types are used to protect you from endangering yourself when you exercise or do sports.

Thus, to help you know what you need and when you need them, you will need to know the types of sports equipments that fit your sports or activity. In this article, we will discuss a bit about those sports equipments and the reason they are necessary.

Here they are:

Sports such as football, basketball, volleyball all needs balls. You may do these sports as an exercise or a sport activity. Choosing the ball that is correct in the activity is necessary.

Sticks, Bats and Clubs
These are sports equipments used in events such as the sticks for hockey and lacrosse. Bats are used in baseball and clubs are

Posture to Prevent Back Pain When Cycling

Cycling is an excellent alternative exercise to high impact exercising like running. Unfortunately like any other sport, cycling has its own set of drawbacks, and in this case it seems to be neck and back pain.

More and more people are cycling for exercise now than ever before, so neck and back pain resulting from cycling is also becoming more common. Most back and neck pain is a result of poor posture, poor cycling technique, or overuse of unfit muscles.

Overuse injuries occur from overusing the muscles with repetitive movements. Overuse injuries are often a result of the cyclist changing the duration or intensity of his cycling program suddenly, thus causing an overload on some of the muscles or bones.

A cyclist who rides upright is less likely to experience back and neck pain. A more stream lined bicycle, like a racing bike will cause the rider to lie low on the bike and poke his head up to see where he is going, and this is half the problem. With the neck being extended and the back flexed for prolonged periods, it is no wonder there are sometimes problems. If you experience neck pain,

Cycling Sunglasses For the Athlete

For an athlete to perform at his or her best, there is almost always a form of padding or uniform. This allows the athlete’s mind to focus on the game or activity and not on his or her safety.

When an athlete knows he or she is safe, he or she can focus on maximum effort on winning rather than defending a current position. However, most of the time, serious eye protection is often forgotten.

While athletes are busy strapping on helmets and pads, the eyes, the only tool they cannot do without, is sometimes forgotten.

Sunglasses protect the eyes from UV radiation, but also from the elements that could get in them. Cyclists especially need protective sunglasses to perform at any advanced level.

Cycling sunglasses are designed for speed, so that they provide and advantage for the athlete

Who uses Cycling Sunglasses?

Road cyclists have bee using the streamlined sunglasses for years, but there is a market that is in more need of this protective assistance.

Cycling on trails and down mountainsides, mountain bikers have the threat of getting something in the eye.

When cycling at high speeds, the

Cycling in Mallorca

Bicycles are a common means of transport in many countries of Northern Europe despite the bad weather.

Take the city of Hamburg as an example; I used to be one of the many thousands who travelled by bike everyday, with an average daily temperature of 12ºC and about 190 days of rain a year, with three months of frost during winter One can imagine how I was looking forward to cycling in Mallorca when I moved here… average temperatures of 21ºC, only 74 days of rain annually, lots of sun, and only a few hills in the low land of Palma.

But reality is different For seven years now I have been driving around Palma on a motor scooter or in the car Palma is the town with the most cars per capita in Spain, and numbers are growing The city planners react by constructing more streets and underground car parks, and the towns and villages of Mallorca are lacking the infrastructure which could make cycling play an important role in decongesting the traffic The bicycle as a means of transport is virtually non-existent – neither in the heads of the politicians nor in the heads

The Right Cycling Shoes

Well-experienced cycling enthusiasts recognize the significance of a good pair of cycling shoes. Over the years, more and more women are getting into the cycling experience, which is why choosing the right women cycling shoes has become as essential as picking out the perfect bicycle specifications. Some individuals however, mostly the beginners, mistakenly believe that just about any type of athletic shoes
will do in cycling. Unfortunately, this is a common and costly mistake. Just like any sport, cycling requires a special kind of shoes. Just any pair of shoes will not do. If you play basketball, you will need basketball shoes, which will not do you any good if you use it in any field sports like baseball or football.

Cycling will require a pair of shoes that prevents your feet from slipping all over the pedals, especially in wet conditions. For the ladies who are just getting in to cycling will need the right women bike shoes to prevent any injuries or accidents. When buying a pair of shoes for cycling, you should first decide whether you prefer clips or clipless. If you are a beginner, you might find clipless shoes
a little bit difficult

A Classic Name In Cycling

Cycling can be defined as the act of riding a cycle, be it a bicycle, a unicycle, a tricycle, or what have you. Cycling can be done for recreational purposes, for exercise and fitness purposes, and even as a competitive sport.

Cycling has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been around longer than one might think. It is said that the first rough draft and layout of a bicycle was created in the 1400s by one famous inventor, artist, and Renaissance man by the name of Leonardo DaVinci.

Wherever cycling originated from, it is safe to say that cycling is universal. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by most everyone young and old alike. If you don not know what a bicycle is, chances are you have probably been hiding under a rock for all of your life.

When many think of bicycles and brands of bicycles, one name may come into mind frequently. Schwinn is a classic name in bicycles and cycling, and they have been around for more than a century.

I have not been around for even half as long as that, but I have

Choosing the Right Cycling

Athletic shoes used to be a specialty niche – one which did not provide much in the way of options until very recently. However, now you can find hundreds of different brands and styles of shoes for essentially every sport. Cycling, with its recent and meteoric rise in popularity, has enjoyed a similar growth and thus choosing cycling shoes can be both fun and somewhat complex.

For the Casual Cyclist

For those that do not spend that much time cycling – maybe a few hours a week as basic recreation or transportation – specialty shoes are probably unnecessary. Good tennis shoes or running shoes will often do the trick. For these individuals, any shoe with a solid grip will be effective. The only advice you should heed is to stay away from casual walking shoes or old tennis shoes with worn down soles or holes. Also, try not to wear shoes with long, loose laces that cannot be restrained.

For the Active Cyclist

For someone that is more active in the sport, the options are more plentiful and a good, dedicated cycling shoe is recommended. As mentioned above, a shoe that provides a good

The History of Cycling

The history of cycling is one that dates back as far as the 1800s. It is one of great importance and complexity, and especially if you are a cycling enthusiast yourself, you should be educated on the history of cycling so you can understand it better and give it the respect that it deserves.

What Started it All

Although it was in the early 1400s when a man named Giovanni Fontana built the first human powered land vehicle, it was not until 1817 when the first actual bicycle was developed. Invented by Karl Drais in response to the widespread starvation and slaughtering of horses, Drais was considered as a hero for his part in the history of cycling by many.

The safety bike was created in 1890, and this model was considered as being much safer than those in the past, most of which had one wheel much larger than the other. The safety bike was invented using metal that was strong enough to make a fine chain and a sprocket that was small and light enough for a human being to power.

Mass Bicycle Production

Mass production of the bicycle began in

The Best Parks for Cycling in Bangkok

The largest park in Bangkok, and the 2nd most visited, although visited more by locals than foreigners, Rot Fai is a great place to jump in the saddle of your bike and cycle a few laps. Parts of Rot Fai Park barely seem like it’s in a city at all, with large trees, ponds and large grassy areas, adjoining the park is the Queen Sirikit botanical garden as well as the world famous Jatujak Park and market.

A lap of Rot Fai Park is around 3km (there are several variations of the route around the park) and for those cycling in the evening, most areas are lit, although some areas remain in the dark so lights are recommended. There are a number of popular restaurants in the parking area of Rot Fai park, and if you do not have your own bike, you can rent a basic bicycle for 20THB for as long as you like. This is arguably the best park in Bangkok for cycling and cycling groups are often seen here in the evenings timing each other for laps. It is also very popular among recreational cyclists as there are no time limits as for

Reasons To Start Cycling

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting fit – and enjoyment means you are more likely to stay at it and therefore keep fit! Cycling is a social sport it can be enjoyed when you are on your own or if you take the whole family along – it is as easy as riding a bike.

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore what is on your doorstep – I bet that you find something new in your area after only a weeks cycling! Each town and city has its own attractions, if you venture outside of these towns, there is sure to be some of the most spectacular views and expanses that look different from the unusual angle that your bike offers!

Cycling gets you outdoors in the fresh air and lets you feel re-energized. You can cover a lot of distance or just go a little journey if you wish to and no petrol is required!

If it is an individual sport and you can choose to cycle alone. You can also set your own pace and go fast or slowly, as well as choose the distance you wish to

Tips For Enhancing Cycling

As with any sport, cycling skill is determined by a combination of factors-physical conditioning, technique, and the quality and quantity of training ranking chief amongst them. But the most important determinant of one’s cycling skills, say experts, is the amount of time spent “in the saddle.” For if one rides often enough, far enough, and fast enough, all of the skills necessary to enhance cycling performance will develop naturally.

Riding to Victory

According to Peak Performance, professional cyclists ride between 20,000 and 40,000km per year. This translates into a 4 to 6 hour ride-per day-365 days of the year. They are not only professionals; they are experienced professionals who know the value of practicing their sport-often.

Most people certainly do not have the same amount of time to devote to riding as do these elite cyclists. However, there is no substitute for practice and, according to Peak Performance, “…there’s no shortcut…[y]ou can’t skirt around the need for time in the saddle and just hammer intervals three or four days a week…[t]here are no quick fixes, no shortcut secrets, no miracle riding intensities allowing you to get by with hardly any “in-the-saddle-hours’ being banked into your

Sports May Help Shape Your Surfing Skills

Surfing is one of the extreme water sports developed by mankind through the years. It is an exciting, exhilarating, and stimulating sport that many people around the globe love. Moreover, to surf is to enjoy one of the gifts of nature – the waves, making it as one of the pleasures in life that is considered priceless.

But surfing is not just about riding the waves and going to different surf countries. The sport itself is a very complicated lesson to learn and requires you enough time to prepare yourself. Some of the groundwork that you need to pass are the physical and mental programs for conditioning for surfing.

But have you ever thought of how other sports can help you prepare yourself for surfing? Athletics, swimming, and cycling are only some of the sports performed in dry land that can help boost your ability to ride the waves.

If you haven’t noticed some secrets about them, here are some eye openers for you.

Athletics. This sport requires running around the oval, maybe five to ten times. It is a simple sport, but it is very exhausting that it can deprive your body with

Introduction to Road Cycling

The spirit of competing has always presented itself in mankind since our prehistoric ancestors started to walk upright millions of years ago. It was much simpler then, they competed for food, shelter and territory. As in any other sports, cycling has its fair share of events, testing and pushing the limits of the cyclist to outdo and outperform each other for sake of glory and victory. Cycling competition started towards the end of the 19th Century and has been continuously growing ever since. The first recorded cycling event actually happened about 140 years ago on May 31st, 1868 held in Paris, at the ‘Parc de Saint-Cloud’ (famous for its beautiful gardens) which was won by a British rider named James Moore. Road cycling was also included in the first Olympic Games back in 1896. With the introduction of different designs of bicycles and cycling discipline, the sport grew even faster, such as Track, Mountain Bike and in 2008, BMX being the latest addition cycling sporting event to the prestigious games.

Outside the Olympic Games, there are much more variety and famous competition events. With million dollars sponsorship and broadcasting rights, there is almost a major cycling event

Custom Cycling Socks

The gear of any sports is very important for the proper functioning of the players. The rules, dress, technique etc. all come together and are bonded well with practice and discipline to make sure that the players form a great team which can rise above their personal and cultural differences to become one team that thinks alike and moves forward with a common goal in mind.

Socks are an essential part of the teams dress code and they as the dress, vary for different teams and even for different games. There are many sports and games that have socks as a part of their team uniforms. There are a variety of reasons why the presence of socks in the games and sports is very important and that make the socks integral and indispensable to the uniforms.

Cycling is a game of vigor and vitality. It requires precision of concentration and makes it very difficult for the players if they are out of practice or do not have the correct discipline.

The most important part of the deal is that cycling is essentially a sport that majorly depends on the legs and specifically the feet to

A Brief Education in Cycling

On the list of the most high-profile sports in the world, cycling does not necessarily fall within the top ten. In fact, most of us know very little about the sport in general. Though bicycles are among the most familiar objects known to man, we are much more likely to associate them with training wheels and leisurely bike rides, not competitive, heart-pumping athletic activity. While the Tour de France and the Olympics bring some attention to the sport, it remains largely unknown. Cycling seems to simply fly under the radar.

And while cycling isn’t necessarily the most popular or well-known sport in the world, it is not insignificant. The reality is that cycling is really quite exciting to follow and is extremely beneficial to practice.

The bicycle – the tool used for the sport of cycling – is primarily a means of transportation. Largely used for getting from one place to another and for recreation, it is also used in sport and athletics.

Cycling races date back to the 19th century. From the 1890s up through the mid 1900s, cycling was an extremely popular sport around the world. This time period is referred to as

Cycling and Hiking

Villas in Menorca provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This quiet island has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere – but you’ll find a huge range of water sports, cycling and hiking on offer during your stay.

Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands and is known for being less crowded than sister island Mallorca, while still being home to a vast number of glorious beaches.

And while the ambience here is tranquil, you’ll find there is plenty of scope for lively adventures in the great outdoors during your stay in villas in Menorca.

If you’re keen to explore the island’s fantastic Mediterranean landscape, why not hire a bicycle and set out on two wheels? You will find plenty of locations from which to hire bikes – and if you plan to spend several days cycling, you may find hiring for a week is cheaper than doing so on a daily basis.

Among picturesque mountains, you will be able to admire the view of the gorgeous unspoilt countryside and cycle through the small fields that make up much of the island’s interior.

If you would rather explore