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Introduction to Road Cycling

The spirit of competing has always presented itself in mankind since our prehistoric ancestors started to walk upright millions of years ago. It was much simpler then, they competed for food, shelter and territory. As in any other sports, cycling has its fair share of events, testing and pushing the limits of the cyclist to outdo and outperform each other for sake of glory and victory. Cycling competition started towards the end of the 19th Century and has been continuously growing ever since. The first recorded cycling event actually happened about 140 years ago on May 31st, 1868 held in Paris, at the ‘Parc de Saint-Cloud’ (famous for its beautiful gardens) which was won by a British rider named James Moore. Road cycling was also included in the first Olympic Games back in 1896. With the introduction of different designs of bicycles and cycling discipline, the sport grew even faster, such as Track, Mountain Bike and in 2008, BMX being the latest addition cycling sporting event to the prestigious games.

Outside the Olympic Games, there are much more variety and famous competition events. With million dollars sponsorship and broadcasting rights, there is almost a major cycling event happening weekly across the globe. Sadly this sporting event has not been spared of the greed of humanity, with the pressure to perform, has lead many athletes to use illegal methods to gain the competitive edge and brought negative publicity to the event and the spirit of the games. To control and manage cycling events to ensure every cyclist is competing at par, major cycling events are now practicing doping test to prevent use performance enhancement drug. It seems to be working at least in one event, from 6 riders being tested for positive performance drug usage in 2008 Tour de France to zero cases this year that just completed with Alberto Contador, winning it. The question in everybody’s mind today is how did Lance Armstrong did it, wining one of the toughest road race and holding a world record of 7 times in a row before retiring in 2005, July 24th to be exact. Today, Lance still claims to be most tested athlete in the world with the French Anti-doping Agency who tested him for the 24th time in the last year and each test came back negative for any performance-enhancing drugs.

Road events as it implies are raced on paved roads and at time cobbled streets. The road race similar to marathons are normally mass-start events held on public roads, which required to be closed during the duration of the race and guided by race marshals. There is a huge fascination and following for this sporting event that there is races held in each continent. The race can be designed to run in circuit event where the start and end is the same location or it can be designed to run from one city to another, encompassing both urban or rural setting as well as combination of both, ranging from a few kilometers to hundreds. To make a race or event challenging, organizers will include several topography characteristics into the race, like great distances, flat roads, twisting, hill climbing, and descents. Bicycle Manufacturers or commercial sponsors will fund teams to participate in races across the globe, such as Tour de France, Tour de Senegal, etc.

A team can consist up to 20 to 25 members but only about 9 to 10 will ride in the race proper. The rest of the team are made up by the support team such as the team managers, technical strategist, mechanics, therapist cum nutritionist, medical doctors and even media communications. Within the race team proper, each rider will have their own specialty or strength. The main part of the team will consist of “Domestiques” riders or known as servants whose main role is to support the lead cyclist or captain from other team riders, as well as forming a windbreaker in the earlier part of the race. Other specialist known as “Climbing Specialists”, as the name implies chews up uphill routes as fast as they can. Next, known as “Sprinters”, that mainly conserve their strengths and stamina for predetermined crucial sprints for points and position. Then we have the “Time Trialists”, whose skills are to be able to pace out his energy with great efficiency to maintain high speeds over great distances; and lastly the Captains, the main individual whose face is likely to be on every jpeg file of journalist covering the event. Every team cyclist has a top priority to support their captain to win the race, however it may not be the same strategy every time as accidents may happen and the next best rider may need to take over the captain role.

To win the road racing event, you need to have the lowest time or completing the race is least possible time. Within the main race, there are different segments of the race event which consists of a mixture of stage races, hill climbs, time trials, and “criterium” (short circuits normally within a city or urban area). Even if you have won a few stages, it does not guaranteed that you will be crowned the overall race champion. This is where the strategic planning of the race director who will be able to advice how the team should perform at different stages of the race. They may choose certain stage to attack and which stage to conserve their energy by maintaining a position within the top 10 cyclist. Lastly, there are special sets of rule which could prove to be an advantage to specific riders, in the case of sprinters. Race official can designate certain stages for collecting sprinting points and those with the highest points may be rewarded with time bonuses that can change the position of a rider in the standings.

Custom Cycling Socks

The gear of any sports is very important for the proper functioning of the players. The rules, dress, technique etc. all come together and are bonded well with practice and discipline to make sure that the players form a great team which can rise above their personal and cultural differences to become one team that thinks alike and moves forward with a common goal in mind.

Socks are an essential part of the teams dress code and they as the dress, vary for different teams and even for different games. There are many sports and games that have socks as a part of their team uniforms. There are a variety of reasons why the presence of socks in the games and sports is very important and that make the socks integral and indispensable to the uniforms.

Cycling is a game of vigor and vitality. It requires precision of concentration and makes it very difficult for the players if they are out of practice or do not have the correct discipline.

The most important part of the deal is that cycling is essentially a sport that majorly depends on the legs and specifically the feet to maneuver, balance and add speed to the players’ performance. This makes it very important that the players take extra care to make sure that their feet be protected of the regular and incessant wear and tear of the sport.

Cycling is a hugely popular game because of the fact that the competition level and the prestige of the game are considerable at most levels. Therefore the main part of the games aesthetics that is the players’ feet become important and so the cycling socks become inevitable and very necessary.

Cycling socks are basically made up of breathable material so that the excess sweat and water on the feet does not accumulate and has a chance of evaporating and evaporating faster. The feet are constantly under pressure during the cycling and therefore the material should be comfortable enough to not turn into an unnecessary bother during the whole process of the sport.

The material should be soft and no way should they be made up of synthetic material or stretchy material. This makes it difficult for the player to retain balance because the synthetic material does not allow for fast evaporation of water and they make the feet sweaty and slippery.

Custom designed socks are very useful and they have a lot of value in their own right. Firstly they can be used to popularize and promote the teams in a cycling event. They can be designed right from your home computer and then these designs can be transferred to socks that are not only mass produced but also produced in a very large quantity. This ensures that the cost required for production is low and the profit incurred from the sale is high. There is a huge market for custom made socks especially the custom made cycling socks are a hot property with the cycling fanatics and fans.

A Brief Education in Cycling

On the list of the most high-profile sports in the world, cycling does not necessarily fall within the top ten. In fact, most of us know very little about the sport in general. Though bicycles are among the most familiar objects known to man, we are much more likely to associate them with training wheels and leisurely bike rides, not competitive, heart-pumping athletic activity. While the Tour de France and the Olympics bring some attention to the sport, it remains largely unknown. Cycling seems to simply fly under the radar.

And while cycling isn’t necessarily the most popular or well-known sport in the world, it is not insignificant. The reality is that cycling is really quite exciting to follow and is extremely beneficial to practice.

The bicycle – the tool used for the sport of cycling – is primarily a means of transportation. Largely used for getting from one place to another and for recreation, it is also used in sport and athletics.

Cycling races date back to the 19th century. From the 1890s up through the mid 1900s, cycling was an extremely popular sport around the world. This time period is referred to as the “Golden Age of Cycling.” Over the years, the sport’s popularity diminished. The Tour de France, which began in 1903, remains a premier world athletic event, giving some clout to the sport. The Olympic Games also feature cycling. That said, the sport remains quite ignored.

Racing and competition in cycling can take place in various formats. Road races, indoor competitions and mountain bike races are all aspects of this multi-faceted activity. Cyclers compete as both teams and individuals, and competitions can last minutes, hours and even days.

Nowadays, cycling is moving beyond the world of professional racers and becoming popular among a wide array of amateur athletes and sports enthusiasts. It is an excellent way to spice up a cardio work-out.

Research has linked cycling, like most physical activity, to an overall increase in physical and mental health. The time, effort and money put into starting out in the world of cycling will be returned to the individual manifold.

Like running, cycling is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness. It benefits the legs, buttocks and abdomen among other parts of the body while getting heart rates up to burn calories and to lose fat. Easier on the joints than impact sports, cycling is a great cardio alternative for those with arthritis or past sports injuries. Because it is generally practiced sitting down, it is an activity within reach of all.

Those looking to try out cycling have both indoor and outdoor options. Indoor spin classes are popping up in gyms all over and seem to be all the rage. For those who prefer to be outside, the cycling options are endless. All that’s necessary is a bike.

Cycling is truly a fantastic sport to both watch and practice. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, check out your television sports channels and head to your local sporting goods stores.

Cycling and Hiking

Villas in Menorca provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This quiet island has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere – but you’ll find a huge range of water sports, cycling and hiking on offer during your stay.

Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands and is known for being less crowded than sister island Mallorca, while still being home to a vast number of glorious beaches.

And while the ambience here is tranquil, you’ll find there is plenty of scope for lively adventures in the great outdoors during your stay in villas in Menorca.

If you’re keen to explore the island’s fantastic Mediterranean landscape, why not hire a bicycle and set out on two wheels? You will find plenty of locations from which to hire bikes – and if you plan to spend several days cycling, you may find hiring for a week is cheaper than doing so on a daily basis.

Among picturesque mountains, you will be able to admire the view of the gorgeous unspoilt countryside and cycle through the small fields that make up much of the island’s interior.

If you would rather explore on two feet, there is plenty of scope for hiking during your stay. Indeed, the island boasts a vast range of routes catering to every taste. Whether you would like to meander through the ports and stroll along the coast or tackle a more mountainous area, you will find something for you.

Of course, one of the main draws on Menorca is the stunning array of water sports on offer. Sailing is one of the most popular – something encouraged by the island’s excellent harbours. You can hire boats from one hour to a period of weeks, depending on how long you want to spend on the water.

Meanwhile, you will find the likes of water skiing, scuba diving, wind surfing and sea kayaking all on offer for you to try your hand at.

And of course, you can always simply spend an afternoon relaxing on the sand if you wish.

For a great choice of outdoor activities, a relaxed atmosphere and fantastic weather, villas in Menorca are the perfect choice for a tranquil getaway.

Sport Cycling Heart Rate Monitor?

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I can show you where to find the deals so you won’t waste any more time searching, but I want to tell you first why cyclists love the Polar RS 300X, and why it’s the perfect model for any level cyclist, The history of cycling.

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“Information about cycling”

In other words, it displays all the information you need to get a great workout and continue to improve and achieve your fitness goals.

OwnCode is a great feature to have while cycling. It blocks unwanted signals from other sports watches giving you disturbance-free transmission of data so you always have the right information you need.

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