A Classic Name In Cycling

Cycling can be defined as the act of riding a cycle, be it a bicycle, a unicycle, a tricycle, or what have you. Cycling can be done for recreational purposes, for exercise and fitness purposes, and even as a competitive sport.

Cycling has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been around longer than one might think. It is said that the first rough draft and layout of a bicycle was created in the 1400s by one famous inventor, artist, and Renaissance man by the name of Leonardo DaVinci.

Wherever cycling originated from, it is safe to say that cycling is universal. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by most everyone young and old alike. If you don not know what a bicycle is, chances are you have probably been hiding under a rock for all of your life.

When many think of bicycles and brands of bicycles, one name may come into mind frequently. Schwinn is a classic name in bicycles and cycling, and they have been around for more than a century.

I have not been around for even half as long as that, but I have heard many stories from my parents of good times when they were young and when they would spend time after school and during summer riding around the neighborhood with their friends on their bicycles. If you had a Schwinn bicycle and was seen riding around on it, this made you cool and the absolute envy of all your childhood friends. One of the ultimate cruiser bikes to have ever been made is the Schwinn Stin-gray.

Some Schwinn Bicycle History

Schwinn is an American bicycle company that was founded and established in 1895 by a man name Ignaz Schwinn. Just in case you are wondering, Schwinn is a German name, and Mr. Ignaz Schwinn was born in Germany.

Schwinn bicycles were popular in the early and mid 1900s, and have since been dubbed an American classic in bicycle brands. Today, Schwinn still produces some of the classics that they are known for such as the Sting-ray and Black Phantom. Schwinn also produces stationary bicycles such as the Schwinn Airdyne and road bikes such as the Schwinn Paramount.

Schwinn Oldies but Goodies

Up until this day, Schwinn bicycles are still produced. However, the classic Schwinn bikes made in earlier times have become a highly prized collectors item by Schwinn collectors and enthusiasts.

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