Do You Need a Knee Sleeve?

Many people confuse knee sleeves and knee braces but these are two very different items. A knee brace is generally recommended for someone to wear while performing any type of activity as they are recovering from a knee injury. Sleeves help to provide compression and support to protect a delicate knee and to prevent injury. They also offer some pain relief for certain individuals. Here is what everyone should know about knee compression sleeves.

What it Accomplishes

A Sleeve helps to improve blood circulation because they are a form of compression wear. Increased blood flow is important because it helps to reduce the risk of swelling, it provides more pain relief and it helps the joint and the surrounding muscles to recover faster after a workout. The benefits of a sleeve are typically felt both during and after a workout. In some instances, the added warmth the sleeve provides also adds some comfort and benefit.

When Sleeves Matter

Not all physical activities require the use of a knee sleeve. The most important occasions when one should be worn is when the knees will be under a lot of pressure. This includes running, performing squats and jumping. Weightlifting is a common example because the knee not only experiences a lot of squatting but does so while lifting a great deal of additional weight.

Who Will Benefit

The people that seem to benefit the most from using a knee sleeve are those who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis and people that have previously experienced a knee injury but are in their post-recovery phase. The support provided by the sleeve does reduce a lot of the pain and add some strength to the weakened joint. Any athlete that relies on the health of their knees to perform their sport should consider the use of a sleeve to help prevent some future injuries and help them to recover sooner.

Knee sleeves provide support for the whole knee the tendons and the ligaments. However, a sleeve is not as restricting as a brace. This makes it more functional and comfortable for athletes that have the option. The use of a sleeve will not dramatically increase strength or ability. It does not make the wearer immune to injury or take the place of proper technique and training.