The Best Parks for Cycling in Bangkok

The largest park in Bangkok, and the 2nd most visited, although visited more by locals than foreigners, Rot Fai is a great place to jump in the saddle of your bike and cycle a few laps. Parts of Rot Fai Park barely seem like it’s in a city at all, with large trees, ponds and large grassy areas, adjoining the park is the Queen Sirikit botanical garden as well as the world famous Jatujak Park and market.

A lap of Rot Fai Park is around 3km (there are several variations of the route around the park) and for those cycling in the evening, most areas are lit, although some areas remain in the dark so lights are recommended. There are a number of popular restaurants in the parking area of Rot Fai park, and if you do not have your own bike, you can rent a basic bicycle for 20THB for as long as you like. This is arguably the best park in Bangkok for cycling and cycling groups are often seen here in the evenings timing each other for laps. It is also very popular among recreational cyclists as there are no time limits as for other parks.

Cycling in Bangkok can also be enjoyed in Lumpini Park, which is the 2nd largest park in Bangkok, and the most visited, thanks to it’s proximity in downtown Bangkok. Surrounded by the main business districts of Bangkok, the backdrop of gleaming offices and hotels is impressive, and the park is well maintained. A number of activities are popular in Lumpini Park, in particular running, aerobics and fitness. As a result of the large number of people, cycling times are limited to ‘off peak’ times to avoid accidents, and is prohibited in the evenings. Despite this, the 3km circuit in this great park is recommended for cycling fans.

Another park in downtown Bangkok, located near Asok BTS and MRT station is the Queen Sirikit Park or Wachira Benchathat Park as it is formally known. This park is smaller than Rot Fai and Lumpini Parks, with a circuit of 2km, however what makes this park interesting is that there is a little known elevated path running from Lumpini to Queen Sirikit Park so cyclists can combine the two parks without having to navigate the Bangkok traffic. The park is very scenic and well maintained, and like the others has a lake in the centre, with rowing boats available for rent.

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