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Playing Mom during the Power Outage

Being a mom is overwhelming no wonder you will find so many blogs talking about moms. The role of a mom exceeds in almost all sub-category there is, right from cleaning the house to laundry duty, the underpaid chef to the taxi driver. As a matter f fact, being a mom is vast, so you can imagine how stressful it can be during a blackout.

Power outages can be quite an issue with most lasting a couple of hours while others could span for days which is why you need to be prepared. Here is how.

Backup Power
Batteries are an essential item, but they are not going to help you transition from being the regular mom to the blackout mom easily. This is where the generator guide comes in handy. A generator may not be able to power your entire house, but it could power your fridge freezer, the microwave, a few lights, the heater, and a few lights for up to six hours. There is no need for you to panic with a generator in place.

Long-Lasting Foods
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you fill your underground bunker with canned foods, but a selection of ready-to-eat and non-perishable foods makes your cooking easier. The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure that you buy sufficient canned food to fill your entire kitchen shelf as your family needs a lot of food and heat. Make sure that you buy items like canned vegetables, fruits, meat, instant coffee, soups, beans and anything else you think of including snacks

There is nothing that can be as romantic as the allure of a house lit with candles with the raging storms outside. It is, however, unrealistic, inefficient and hazardous as many house fires are started by candles lit during blackouts. You can instead select torches and camping lamps and a lot of batteries. As long as you have placed them in a practical place you will be fine. With lights in place, you have a chance for some fun like reading, and playing games.

Be sure to Cozy Up
If the heating stops, you will find out that your house stops being the chipper place that you are used to. It is for this reason that you need to have extra blankets and quilts so that you can all snuggle when the nights get cold. If you have stored sleeping bags in your garage, grab them too; anything that can prevent the chill is good to boost your morale.